Community Land Trusts: A Permanently Affordable Middle Housing Solution

Join us as we learn about Community Land Trusts (CLTs) as part of Affordable Housing Week!

Friday, May 12th
12:00-1:30 p.m.
Virtual Lunch & Learn


Presentation by Kathleen Hosfeld, Executive Director of Homestead Community Land Trust, & Erika Malone, National Community Land Trust Advisor

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) build permanently affordable homes that build wealth for first time home buyers, including those who have been shut out of ownership due to historic discrimination and gentrification.

CLTs are private, 501c3 non-profit community organizations that work with communities to help preserve their culture/values while also supporting equity and deep investments in environmental sustainability. 

The 8th Annual Affordable Housing Week is a series of education & advocacy events highlighting the role affordable housing plays in stabilizing our communities. Each year, NUHSA partners with Housing Development Consortium and others to bring together elected officials, city/county staff, advocates and residents to create momentum for investments and policies to ensure affordable, thriving and equitable communities.    

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